Free Image Editing Tool
Upload single images or multiple images in a zip archive, resize them all at once, add watermarks and convert to jpeg, gif or png.
Upload an image or zip archive
Select a jpeg, png or gif image to convert, or upload a zip archive of images for batch conversion. Max individual image filesize: 4Mb. Max 20 images at a time. Max zip filesize: 15M
Resize Options

Check the box if you want to resize your image(s).

Select a default size or enter a custom width and height. Images will be resized proportionally.

If you specify just one of the width or height then images will be resized to fit this dimension.
Watermark Options

Add a watermark to your images by entering the text you want to display.

You can set the text to be partially transparent by entering a value from 0% to 100%.

Select the location on the image where you want the watermark to appear.

Enter the font size of the watermark text (8 is very small, 50 very large).
Format Options

Choose the format to convert your images to. Supported formats are jpeg, png and gif.

You can optionally keep all images in their original format.

If converting images to jpeg you can specify the quality level. Higher quality = Larger filesize.
Upload & Convert
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